Short Courses

Tauondi Short Programs are designed by the Community, for the Community – you can get the skills you need, when you need them.

Tauondi develops accredited and non-accredited short programs to increase the responsiveness to the demand by partnering organisations and employers; and the community. With a broad range of subject areas including; Business Administration, Information Technology and Hospitality, we assist you to increase your job readiness. In addition to vocational skills, we offer non-accredited short programs such as Arts & Crafts, Career Development, Driver’s Education, to contribute to your Personal Development.

Accredited Short Courses

Accredited short courses, units, and skill sets are a great option if you are a qualified professional who wants to diversify your professional portfolio and boost your resume. An accredited short course or skill set will earn you official credits for the units you complete. These unit credits may even be applied to a related qualification at a later date if you choose to study a full certificate.

When you complete your accredited unit/s, you will earn a Statement of Attainment.

Non-Accredited Short Courses

Non-accredited short courses and skill sets give you hands-on training in a new set of skills you can use in your personal or professional life. They are a great way to refresh your knowledge if you  have been out of an industry for a while, or even to give you a taste of a different industry altogether.

When you complete a non-accredited short course, you will earn a Statement of Attendance.