Tauondi Support Services

Student Enquiries

Student Services is the first point of contact for prospective and current students. The core function of the Student Services area include:

  • providing course information;
  • providing pre-enrolment and re-enrolment information;
  • providing learning support for successful completion of your training; and
  • providing induction sessions for students.

Literacy and Numeracy Service

Literacy and Numeracy Service delivers initial, on-going and exit Literacy and Numeracy Assessments to identify literacy and numeracy levels, and measure their progress over a period of time.

The Service also assists in developing an individualised learning plan to improve literacy and numeracy skills effectively and efficiently according to the requirements of industries.

Any enrolling students who require literacy and/or numeracy assistance can access Tauondi’s literacy and numeracy tutor assistance scheme which provides additional assistance in increasing the successful completion of vocational studies.

Training Support Service

Assisting you to complete training and gain employment is our key goal at Tauondi. To assist you in this pathway, our Training Mentors begin working with you from the first day you commence your studies.

They will be in regular communication and consultation to assist you to eliminate or soften potential obstacles for your study.