Aboriginal Languages

Around 93 percent of Aboriginal languages have become extinct. Each language is associated with an area of land and has a deep spiritual significance. It is through their own languages, that Aboriginal people maintain their connection with their ancestors, land, law and culture.

The language knowledge and skills acquired by students will help consolidate and extend their current language use. More importantly, it will provide them with a firm foundation of language understanding which will assist them if they wish to do further  training to teach their language to others.

Qualifications that Tauondi offers

Careers in Aboriginal Languages

It has been recognised that positive language activities (conducted in the broader community as well as within Aboriginal communities) provide significant role in strengthening Aboriginal cultures, and increasing a sense of pride and wellbeing for individuals within Aboriginal communities. It fosters respect for Aboriginal languages and cultures in the general community.

Learners will be valuable and active participants in both the language revival and/or language maintenance process. The language acquisition promotes increased social functions of languages, such as the giving of ‘Welcome to Country’ or ‘Acknowledgement of Land’ speeches, and song performances in public.

Below are some of the most common job opportunities…

Working at School
An increasing number of public and private schools  are offering Aboriginal languages in revival or second language programs. The language learning will provide a pathway to become language teachers in school.

Working at Registered Training Organisations (RTO)
More and more Aboriginal people are interested in learning their own languages. There is a pathway to become a vocational trainer.

The completion of Certificate III in Learning an Endangered Aboriginal Language, Certificate IV in Teaching an Endangered Aboriginal Language and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment will provide a pathway to become a vocational trainer.