Tauondi Aboriginal College is…

a cultural service provider

Whether its government, private enterprise, local businesses, primary, secondary or tertiary educational institutes, Tauondi is proud to provide cultural awareness and competency programs across South Australia’s broader communities.

Tauondi’s cultural awareness and competency program consists of two components:

  1. A program is designed to bring about an understanding of Aboriginal culture, society and values in relation to contemporary society.
  2. A program allows participants to learn applied knowledge and skills that can be utilised in their workplace. The program assists participants in recruiting Aboriginal workers, retaining these workers and providing a mentoring service.

Session Plan (Sample)

TOPIC 1Aboriginal People (Pre-Contact)
Land and Country, Language, Dreaming, Lifestyle, Roles and Responsibilities, Kinship, Deaths and Burials
TOPIC 2European Contact and Early Colonisation
Colonisation, Language/Culture Documentation, Removal of Children, Mission Life, Exemptions, Legislations and Loss of Language and Culture
Fight for Equality, Flags, Fringe Dwellers, Resistance, Referendum and Returning Home
Topic 3Aboriginal Society Today
Reconciliation/Conciliation, Closing the Gap, Language and Culture Revival
Heritage, Native Title, Resistance, Education and Future Directions for Aboriginal People
Topic 4Protocols, Terminology, Appropriateness and Understanding Aboriginal People
Improving Communication, Verbal/Non-Verbal, Use of Language, Stereotypes and Taboo Words, Respect

Tauondi also supports the revitalisation of Aboriginal languages such as Kaurna and Ngarrindjeri. Working with language speakers and experts, both accredited courses and non-accredited programs in language are offered to Aboriginal people, strengthening their cultural identities.