“Aboriginal Trauma Healing”

Two Day Training

Trauma healing training will assist you in building your capacity to work in trauma-informed, and culturally responsive ways with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We will be exploring trauma-informed and culturally responsive practice and how these approaches are applied together.

Participants who complete this training will :

  • Gain an understanding of the guiding principles of culturally responsive practice and how this could be applied in your daily work

  • Have a greater understanding of the guiding principles of trauma-informed/responsive practice and how this could be applied in culturally responsive ways in your roles.

  • Having direct opportunities to explore what it looks likes in action and developing practical steps to utilise in your workplaces.

  • Exploring our brain and the impact of stress

  • Exploring intergenerational trauma and what is needed to respond

Please read “State-first training to better support Aboriginal families” by Department of Human Services.

Training Fee

CategoryFee ($)
Not for profit and Concession$330
Onsite Training for GroupContact Us

Onsite Training for Groups

We offer on-site training at your site for private group training sessions.

For more information, please email booking@tauondi.sa.edu.au.

Yaitya Mingkamingka Purrutiapinthi (Aboriginal Trauma Healing
``Tree of Hope`` by Micky Barlow

Yaitya Mingkamingka Purrutiapinthi

In Kaurna language each term means the following, yaitya means Indigenous, native, own mingkamingka means hurt, wounded, sore, broken, damaged, full of holes purrutiapinthi means make alive, raise to life, make whole or healthy, heal.

Artist’s statement

This tree represents resilience and hope. The seeds represent the trauma informed practices for Aboriginal children and families, and the planting of seeds to develop skills and understanding.

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