Community Services Industry

Think community services industry and think child care, aged care, disability support and more… These services are provided by a broad range of agencies, whose primary goal is to support individual or community well-being and to meet the needs of vulnerable and at-risk community members.

Qualifications that Tauondi offers

Certificate III in Community Services
This qualification reflects the role of entry level community services workers who support individuals through the provision of person-centred services. Work may include day-to-day support of individuals in community settings or support the implementation of specific community-based programs.
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Careers in Community Services

If you love helping people from all walks of life, then study community services. This highly sought-after field (representing approximately 42 per cent of the Health and Community Services workforce) allows you to work with communities in need and provide direct support and planning programs to help vulnerable groups. It’s a fulfilling career, which can see you providing support to disabled people, migrants, families experiencing the impacts of domestic violence or substance abuse, unemployment and mental illness.

Both the Aged and Community Care industry provides accommodation, support and care services to older people in need and younger people with a disability. Services include: nursing homes, hostels, respite centres, home care and nursing services, retirement villages, independent living units and seniors’ housing.

Child care
The child care industry is centred around businesses which provide child care services – long day care, family day care, vacation care and after school care – to children aged 14 years and under.

Aged care
The aged care industry plays an important role in the Australian community. This industry provides older Australians with a range of different services, allowing them to access appropriate levels of care when and where they require it as they age. Most importantly, aged care ensures the comfort and dignity of the elderly.

Disability support
The disability services industry is complex and varied, reflecting the needs of the people it serves. Some organisations provide residential accommodation services for people with severe and complex disabilities that require 24-hour care, while others provide therapy services, in-home support, aids and equipment and employment services.

I wanted to follow in my family's career pathways as a case worker/youth worker. In order to do this, I was recommended to Tauondi Aboriginal College to complete my Certificate III in Community Services. Tauondi is a proud college that provides future career pathways for Aboriginal people.
Damon Adams
As an Aboriginal woman and mother, I am passionate about my culture and strengthening my community.

I chose to study Community Services in order to build my knowledge of how to support and encourage the wider community and future generations to achieve their goals. The support and flexible learning style at Tauondi have allowed me to pursue my music career as well as fulfil my family obligations.

Ellie Lovegrove