Tauondi Aboriginal College is an independent college governed by the Aboriginal Community, and proud of our leadership in Aboriginal Vocational Education and Training since 1973. Tauondi Aboriginal College provides education and training for the whole person, upholding Aboriginal cultures and identities in ways that respect Aboriginal lore and custom and the diversity of students’ experiences and ambitions. Tauondi also provides a diverse and wide range of services to meet the ever-changing needs of the Aboriginal Communities in South Australia and Tauondi is increasingly regarded as the preeminent provider of education, training and employment services to Aboriginal people in South Australia.

Tauondi embraces Aboriginal cultures and Aboriginal authority as one of its core values. Aboriginalisation is about the constant pursuit of a distinct and appropriate College culture, in our protocols, our practices and observances, our curriculum and methodology. It is this constant attention that makes Tauondi unique as an Aboriginal community organisation.

These important principles, established at our inception over 40 years ago, are fundamental to who we are, how we operate and what makes Tauondi Aboriginal College a special place for Aboriginal people to come together to grow and learn.

Tauondi is a Kaurna word, meaning to penetrate or break through. The name of the College acknowledges the Kaurna people, our hosts and the traditional owners of the land where Tauondi Aboriginal College is located. Tauondi Aboriginal College is an Aboriginal Community College located at Port Adelaide, South Australia and has been delivering nationally accredited courses and non-accredited Adult Community Education programs to the Aboriginal Community and people since 1973.

Ngadludlu Kaurna Miyurna, Kaurna Yarta tampinthi.  “Tauondi” Kaurna yartangka wantinthi.

Kumartarna Yaitya Miyurna iyangka yalaka ngadlu tampinthi.

We acknowledge that Tauondi is on the traditional land of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains.

We recognise other Indigenous peoples who are here today.