Tauondi Aboriginal College

Tauondi Enrolment

Thinking of studying at Tauondi Aboriginal College?

Before completing your enrolment form, please read STUDENT PRE-ENROLMENT INFORMATION.


Enrolments are conducted at various times throughout the year. You will need to enrol by filling in an enrolment form. Before you finalise enrolment in your course, you should ensure that you have received general information on:

  • Tauondi Student Code of Conduct and Code of Practice
  • Student Handbook
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • Support Services (Literacy and Numeracy Support; Learning Support Disability Support etc)
  • Attendance Policy

You should also make sure you have read information specific to your course, such as:

  • the accreditation status of the course
  • start date and length of the course
  • time commitment involved in the training
  • qualification/certification to be issued on satisfactory completion or partial completion
  • study requirements
  • articulation arrangements
  • expected employment outcomes
  • assessment expectations
  • detailed costs

Please note - Acceptance into a course is not to be presumed. Eligibility will be based upon ABSTUDY Rules, Literacy and Numeracy requirements and/or student numbers required for that class to commence.

For further information, please contact our Support Service Centre.
Tauondi Support Service Centre (e)
ss@tauondi.sa.edu.au or (08) 8240 0300.