Tauondi Aboriginal College

To some extent, all our interactions in professional and private spheres are cross-cultural, as we all bring to the situation different values and assumptions based on our heritage, upbringing and previous experience. These differences are of course, more marked when people come from recognizeably different cultural backgrounds. An awareness, understanding and acceptance of difference are essential if professionals are to work sensitively and effectively in cross-cultural situations.

As people working with Aboriginal colleagues and clients, there is a need to be cross-culturally aware. While we acknowledge cultural diversity within South Australian Aboriginal Communities and recognise that people are living and practicing a traditional lifestyle, it is important to be aware that Aboriginal people living in cities and towns have respect for, and maintain links with their cultural beliefs and values.

In the introductory section, we first define Aboriginal Cultural Awareness and underline its importance. We then provide broad information on Aboriginal cultures in Australia in the past and today, including essential historical background. In the next section we describe some of the features common to these diverse cultures, and provide information aimed at raising your awareness of the importance of using language carefully and avoiding stereotyping. In the final section we give practical supportive guidance to assist your work with our people.

Tauondi College is pleased to be able to deliver the Aboriginal Cultural Awareness program.

During the course of the program we promote and encourage you to participate in activities and discussions, sharing your thought, experiences and ideas.

Our hope is that you find these sessions useful both on a personal and professional level.

If you require further information on Tauondi Cultural Awareness/Competency Program, please do not hesitate to contact Tauondi College on 08 8240 0300 or visit us at 1 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide.